The Keep It Real Coach

Hi there! I'm Coach Chantelle!

I am a ...

Certified Life & Strength Coach

I help people create courageous changes in their life & lifestyles. & it is my soul goal to help you accomplish yours.

Together, we will plan and execute your next moves towards your goal.

We will work to align your current values with your future goals.

We'll create plan for success that is both actionable & sustainable.

I will support and guide you while you

define & develop the tools & habits

to reach your personal + professional potential

Is there any area in your life that you wish were different?

Is it something about yourself, or the place you are in your life?

You wouldn't be the only one...

Life is always changing, and so are our aspirations.

However...some of those stand out more than others.

(Think about yours for a second...)

Why aren't you achieving that right now, or at least working towards it?


Sometimes we get stuck, and we just need a little help figuring it all out. Because, let's be is really hard, and it's easy to get lost. It's hard to know where to start, who to ask or what to begin with.

It's All. So. Much. I know. I've been there. And, I needed a coach to help me figure my stuff out.

We will take a holistic approach to your health & wellness. Because, it's not just about exercising/working out with a plan I wrote you...

It's getting to the bottom of your thoughts, habits & routines that got you there. To work with you to un-do the already-done...& To have the guidance of a coach and support of a teammate, to help you sort it all out.

So...What Is It

That You Want

to Change?

What do you wish was different?

What is holding you back from getting there?

What is holding you back from working with a coach to get you there (a lot) faster?

I believe you can figure it out, when you're ready.

So... When will that be? Another month from now? Another year? 10 years?

...Only you can answer that! All I can do is suggest that you stop procrastinating on your growth & on your dreams and get started because, you'll never be 100% ready...

I'm ready... Are you?!

This online coaching is...

an excellent choice for busy people who want to double down to see results. You can work with a certified professional from anywhere in the world, right from your phone! If your mental & physical health is suffering, a coach can help you get back on track!

If you are...

searching for the support and also knowledge of a nutrition coach and strength coach without the huge price tag... Coach Chantelle has you covered! As a Certified Strength & Life Coach, provide a totally personalized, app-based program centered around your goals, body type, workout and eating preferences, and more!

Your Coaching & Plan is Unique & Personalized

Based on your plan, you will have as much or as little support as you need. Our lives, fitness and nutrition levels all vary greatly from one another; This is why Coach Chantelle has multiple program options with varying levels of support - at a cost that also isn’t one-size-fits-all.

+ Inside of your health app you will have access to voice, video and text message check-ins & support. Additionally, we can set up habit reminders and progress checks to make sure we are getting you closer to your goals!

Find the right plan for you & let’s do this TOGETHER!

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