It is my goal to help you create a

positive relationship

with your body & your mind


It's my goal to create a positive relationship with your body and exercise for you.

Let's team up to see you win this time. Let's change our habits, our lifestyles, our minds and our bodies! I'll be there for you every step of the way. So what do you say? Let's get to work on the new and improved YOU!

This program has your name on it, and only yours.

It's designed with your current health history, training background, access to equipment and most importantly-


Coach Chantelle is all about results. If you are truly serious about committing to see the changes you've always wanted- you're must know and ACCEPT it will be hard...really hard. But with Coach Chantelle's tough-love support, you will get there.

  • You will have a plan written for you that you can access from your smartphone to use wherever you go. You will also have all the support for success you need including instructional videos, in-app Coach messaging, nutritional plans, and more!

  • Remember, it is important to get a health check before re-entering into physical fitness regime. Your coach will be able to work around your limitations and any pre-existing conditions/injuries, to ensure your safety and long-term health are prioritized.

Finally- you're not hiring a friend- you're hiring a qualified professional who cares about you enough to always be honest and to challenge you to grow for the better. You must be honest & transparent with yourself, your coach and your support squad, in order for you to succeed.

    • We will discuss your preferred motivational style and the volume of support you need to be successful.

If you know you're better off with a team, this plan is for you.

  • If you and your significant other, family member, friends or even coworkers have talked about getting fit but are not sure where to start - it's here.

  • You will get a similar app-based experience as 1-1 coaching, but with a fun competitive group to increase the heat and the accountability!

    • We will discuss the collective group goals (i.e. weight loss, friendly competition, accountability, etc.) & tailor a workout that you and your group can do together or separately.

With coach support and the support of your friends/family-everyone wins.


This plan offers a discounted price to each member of the group!

Even more incentive to gather a group of 3 or more teammates to take the healthy journey with!

Let's team up to see you WIN this time.

Let's change habits, lifestyles, minds and bodies!

I'll be there for you every step of the way.

So what do you say?

Let's get to work on the new and improved YOU!