Get the techniques & drills to help you get faster & more agile for the sport(s) you want to win!


Getting stronger will help reduce the risk of injury during sport, alongside making you a better athlete!


Let's work to get you into the anaerobic or aerobic state to crush your conditioning!

Coach Chantelle spent 10+ years in NCAA Division 1 universities.

Coach Chantelle began her career at Harvard University & has experience working with more than 20 sports, thousands of athletes, and dozens of professional athletes. She has helped teams and athletes to not only win games but also to undefeated seasons and championships.

She is certified by the most challenging board of certification for strength and conditioning coaches, was the Director of Nutrition for Tulane athletics for over 6 years, and is a certified Life Coach.

Her ability to understand sport as a whole, and analyze strengths and weakness' of athletes beyond the weight room are what sets her apart as a professional.

Coach Chantelle will work with athletes 13+ with parental consent. She wants to help young athletes prepare for the rigors of collegiate athletics, and help college athletes prepare for the professional level. If you've been wondering how to get the winning edge, do it with an expert in the field!